When the Nazis Came for the Guns

Even at age 90, Helga Lustig vividly remembers when she first heard the news that her father had been taken away by the Nazis. It was 1938, and she was safely ensconced in a boarding school in Holland just across the border from Germany.  Her parents had never planned to send her and her sister to any school so far away, but they did it as a precautionary measure.  Just in case.  Just in case the local Nazis in her hometown of Wesel, Germany expelled the girls from school or made their lives so unbearable that they couldn't attend. Her parents knew they couldn't shield them from the Nazi encroachment, so they sent them out of Germany.  They were totally defenseless against the Nazis, and when they finally came, they came first for Helga's father. Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass, spread like a wave across Germany.  It was the first major salvo in state-sponsored terror by the German government against...(Read Full Article)