Whatever Happened to the Feminists' 'Hear Me Roar'?

Remember when "Berlin would hear about" the Rosie the Riveter who so pluckily built tens of thousands of airplanes in World War II?  Now it is Susie the Scrivener: "Hear me roar," she says. Except that reality is The Defenestration of Kevin, to the whines of the well-born Susie Scriveners at the Atlantic. The act of lèse-majesté committed by Kevin Williamson, that if abortion is murder the perp should suffer criminal penalties, is not to be endured!  Because the last thing a well born woman ornamented with several selective college degrees is going to put up with is some yahoo from the wrong side of the bed suggesting that there is a little more valence to her abortion than "choice." But why the defenestration?  It's because the revolution isn't going too well in the age of Trump.  And so your "activists" all agree that firmer methods – #Resistance...(Read Full Article)