Trump's Red Line

A. Droogs in Blue Suits and Their Press Accomplices The Mueller Special Counsel appointment is predicated on the notion that President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to assure the defeat of Hillary Clinton -- a notion so ludicrous only a Democrat could fall for it. Dennis Miller sets it out simply so we can see how preposterous a notion this is: Dennis Miller✔@DennisDMZ Obviously Trump is a Russian Agent. Sent to a Soviet Front military school in US and then from age 18 on chasing tail while becoming the quintessential capitalist billionaire. All for that moment at age 70 when Putin flipped the Red Queen and activated the Ghost in the Machine. Despite this absurdity (and the fact that the Clintons had far more and very lucrative documented links to Russia), it was the predicate of an effort to topple the President, or, at a minimum, cripple what is becoming nevertheless a very consequential...(Read Full Article)