Thomas Sowell's Last Word?

Discrimination and Disparities by Thomas Sowell, Basic Books, New York, March 20, 2018 (143 pages, $28.00, hardcover)    "Just the facts, ma'am."  That was Joe Friday's interrogation refrain on Dragnet.  The same comment could serve as the subtitle of Thomas Sowell's recent book, Discrimination and Disparities.  Few works on politically explosive topics maintain such a consistent focus on empirical evidence while avoiding rhetorical jabs at opponents.  On the other hand, empirical evidence cuts deep, especially when critics can't protest the author's "nasty" style.  As radio talker Larry Elder observes, "[f]acts are to liberals what kryptonite is to Superman." Sowell's title, if employed by a member of the leftist intelligentsia, would doubtless imply a causal link between statistical disparities and some form of discrimination – usually...(Read Full Article)