This Is War, and There Will Be Blood

In seeking and executing a warrant to search the offices and home of Michael Cohen, President Trump's longtime personal attorney, leftists have abandoned all pretense that they are not prosecuting civil war against Americans who disagree with them.  They have decided that we represent an existential threat to the America they envision would exist under their tutelage.  They won't let us mind our own business, raise our children, protect our families, be productive citizens, and be left alone.  That won't do – they have plans for us.  They want this war, and they will force this fight upon us. In the scheme of things, America is a young country.  Yet its brief history is replete with people who underestimated Americans.  Progressives are in the process of doing that today.  It is a mistake that will cost them dearly. To succeed in fundamentally transforming the United States of America, the...(Read Full Article)