Their World, Our World

There are currently two worlds: one for the rich, leftists, and the Deep State actors, and one for the average American.  Here are some of the differences: Their World: Hillary can pay Russians, who may be working for the Russian government, for unconfirmed dirt on Trump and use that dirt during the campaign as well as using it to get the government to spy on Trump for her, but it's not collusion. Our World: Trump is guilty of collusion even though there is not a shred of evidence that he did anything wrong. Their World: Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch while Lynch is supposedly investigating his wife is perfectly okay. Our World: Trump asking, but not ordering, James Comey to go easy on Flynn just as Comey went easy on Hillary is obstruction of justice. Their World: Obama can ignore federal court orders to restart issuing permits for drilling in the Gulf and to stop issuing DACA waivers. Our World: One random federal judge can stop the...(Read Full Article)