The Surreal World of Teaching

College continues to get more interesting.  One young man who missed 15 out of 28 days of school explains that he and "his ex-girlfriend just had a baby."  When asked who would take care of the baby, the boy (also a product of a single-mother household) said his mother and the girl's mother needed to work this out.  Although he admitted that his girlfriend had used birth control for two years, by the "third year, it didn't seem that necessary."  While he was happy about the baby, the young man also explained that he wasn't even sure the baby is his, so he was scheduled to have a DNA test soon. Nothing like common sense, fidelity, and future planning! But did you know that in the inverted world of education today, if a student has a baby, then more financial aid is available?  Indeed!  Consequently, students are being told by their college advisers that they should get...(Read Full Article)