The Ongoing Teacher Walkout in Oklahoma

On March 29, the state of Oklahoma passed a bill to give teachers a $6,100 pay raise and some increase in state funding for schools.  The Oklahoma Education Association (OEA), a union with approximately half of the state's teachers as members, demanded that the state find more money to increase funding to the schools after years of cuts due to decreases in state revenue.  Teachers walked out, and the students in Oklahoma have been out of school since April 2. We can debate all day about why Oklahoma is in this mess.  Oklahoma is a state heavily dependent on oil and gas and was greatly harmed by the downturn in that volatile industry.  Other factors include waste and mismanagement of funds by the government, which have been ongoing in Oklahoma for decades.  This isn't a Republican or Democratic issue.  This is a government issue.  The level of groupthink and the mob mentality that have...(Read Full Article)