Requiem for a Transsexualized Boy

Every society should be judged first and foremost on the way it treats innocent children.  The sexualization of children in any form is a deep stain upon the adults who commit it. In recent years, there has been concern about the media sexualization of little girls, especially for the purpose of entertainment or advertising.  This form of exploitation is psychological child abuse.  It involves dressing and making up girls in a manner inappropriate to their age and detrimental to their healthy psychological development.  In addition to drawing unwholesome, psychologically damaging attention to the child, a side-effect is that sexualized attire – heeled shoes, tight clothes, heavy makeup – prevents girls from experiencing unselfconscious joys like running, jumping, and playing games with other children. Now there is an up and coming form of child psychological abuse in the service of the complex psycho-political delusional system...(Read Full Article)