Israel: Seventy Years of Survival

For me, as an Israeli, the country's most impressive achievement as it approaches its 70th birthday is that modern Israel has not only survived attacks by its many Arab and Muslim enemies, but also prospered in roughly the same location as the ancient Jewish kingdoms of Israel and Judah.  In 70 A.D., the 1,000-year-old Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital and the Second Temple at its center was invaded, conquered, and destroyed by the Roman Empire.  Now the new modern Jewish state is celebrating 70 years of existence while the Roman Empire as well as many other conquerors of the land of Israel during the last 3,000 years have disappeared.  If past history is an indicator of future events, the Jewish state will outlast its modern enemies who rose during the last century to destroy it and become more powerful than one could possibly imagine. For over 3,000 years, the land of Israel came under the rule and conquests of...(Read Full Article)