Harry Truman and the Deep State

President Donald Trump is not the first president who has had trouble with the Deep State.  Harry Truman had a major problem, too, which revolved around the resistance by the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to his decision to recognize the state of Israel.   In the matter of Israel's recognition, Secretary George Marshall and other high-ranking officials at State and the CIA were adamantly opposed.  In a series of contentious meetings as related by Clark Clifford, the State Department argued continually with Truman not to do it.  It came to a point where a furious Marshall told the president that if he recognized Israel, Marshall could never vote for him again.  Such arguments are certainly not bad for our democratic form of government.  A wise president welcomes and solicits advice and comments from his Cabinet.  This is all part of good decision-making.  The...(Read Full Article)