Aren't Democrats Lucky? (For the Time Being, Anyway)

Why are Democrats lucky?  Well, first of all, they have their faithful minion, Robert Mueller, trying desperately to do what they were unable to do themselves, which would be to reverse the results of the last election.  Granted, the ostensible excuse they have for loosing Mueller's "dogs of war" against President Trump is the search for a smoking gun to prove that Hillary Clinton's loss of the 2016 election was the result on her being ganged up on by Trump and the entire Russian Republic. Of course, during the energetic turning over of every rock looking for such proof, Mr. Mueller has consistently come up empty-handed.  No evidence of any such collusion.  This lack of evidence even started before the election, thanks to those in the FBI and DOJ who started turning over rocks as soon as they received the unsubstantiated insinuations in the Trump "dossier."  Most normal people would at this point say to...(Read Full Article)