What Does the White Man Want?

I was driving around St. Louis last fall, very near Ferguson, where recently a white cop shot dead a black teen. A black man, V, was waiting at a bus stop alone.  I figured I could get him home half an hour earlier than the bus, so I stopped and offered him a ride.  His expression went from alert and careful to thinking about it and finally acceptance.  He picked up his stuff and got in the car. V is a hardworking man, headed home from a long day.  As we talked, I learned that his entire life experience has been in one locale, North St. Louis. I asked him what the news is around here and what's going on.  I referenced Ferguson. That got V going.  He had a lot to say about race relations – white people, black people, the white cops, the black people being screwed by the white people, getting profiled, people with power.  His view of race relations across the country is what he has heard,...(Read Full Article)