Trump's Tariffs Are All about Politics

I've noticed recently an interesting dichotomy of general presumptions being made by President Trump's most fervent supporters.  It goes like this.  If you're for Trump's protective trade policy demanding tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, you're a patriot who's looking to protect American workers' jobs.  If you're against that policy, you're a globalist cuck who doesn't care about American workers. It's an incredibly unjust framing of the argument, because there are myriad legitimate doubts about the efficacy of Trump's protectionist trade policy.  Inexhaustible amounts of evidence exist to suggest that such policies do little to spur economic growth, at best, and at worst, they are economically destructive. First of all, the steel industry is thriving and has been growing in America.  We are the fourth largest steel-producing nation in the world, and the steel industry has...(Read Full Article)