The Ongoing Plight of Christians

In the CQ Researcher issue titled "Religious Persecution," dated November 21, 1997, Kenneth Jost highlighted the "well-documented cases of churches being bulldozed or burned down, clergy and lay leaders [being] arrested and imprisoned and clergymen being murdered by [Sudanese] government troops."  In the 21 years since this article was printed, global Christian persecution has increased exponentially.  The following is a small sampling of what Christians are facing, and the sad truth is that no one seems to be stopping the oppressors and punishing them. In Sweden, Muslim migrants often persecute Christian migrants, or immigrants who convert to Christianity.  Thus, "Open Doors Deutschland documented 743 attacks on Christians in Germany in 2016, and German police documented another 100 in 2017.  Similar violence plagues Christian refugees in Sweden, but the Scandinavian country has yet to issue an...(Read Full Article)