Scalpels Kill More Kids than Guns

If you shoot children in a school, liberals are justifiably outraged, as are we all, even if our solutions to the problem are different. But when children are murdered in their mother’s womb? Liberals like to talk about the need for safe spaces, sanctuary cities, and the need to keep our kids safe from gun violence. Yet they support the ultimate form of violence in what should be the safest space of all, again, their mother’s womb. As one who believes that life begins at conception and ends at natural death, I object to this double standard which says the NRA fosters violence against America’s children, but Planned Parenthood does not. As one wag put it, one of these groups sells arms while the NRA supports the Second Amendment. One Democratic presidential wannabe who argues for total gun control while ignoring this double standard is Sen. Kamala Harris, the poster child for self-righteous indignation: Senator Kamala Harris, a liberal Democrat from...(Read Full Article)