Real Inclusion Means Everyone Feels Included

Up in Canada, some lefties are holding an "It's Okay to Be (against) White(ness)" event, and they seemed shocked that anyone should find this problematic.  Lindsay Yates, an event organizer, had this to say: This event is about recognizing privilege that is granted based on racial identity and helping students who do have access to white privilege think more about how to be allies to racialized communities[.] ... The event is focused on diversity, inclusion and conversations about how we can all work together to help achieve racial justice. Yes, but just you try going to the event and suggesting that lefties like Lindsay Yates are going about helping to "achieve racial justice" all wrong.  Speaking for myself, I'd say I don't get to have access to "white privilege" because that's available only to white liberals: conservatives need not apply.  Conversations?  In a year when all across the...(Read Full Article)