Not a 'Shooter,' but a 'Mass Murderer'

The reporting on the mass murder of Parkland, Fla. is the one millionth example of most of us passively letting the left dictate how reality is to be described and discussed.  Let's start off by declaring without hesitation that Nikolas Cruz is not a "shooter" or a "gunman."  He is a "mass murderer."  On the U.S. Olympic team, there are shooters.  When one of us goes to the "shooting range" to practice, we are shooters. See the difference?  Not subtle, is it?  Would anyone want to openly disagree or debate this?  Evil sub-humans like Cruz and Omar Mateen, etc. are mass "murderers," not "shooters" or "gunmen." Heavens...we might be seen as being "judgmental," as the murderer has not yet been proven guilty.  OK, then let's used the good old phrase "alleged murderers" to describe the...(Read Full Article)