The Left and Distraction: Pulling It All Apart

Recently, I heard a grisly description of the long-ago practice of torturing (often killing) people by strapping each leg and arm to a horse and then sending the horses in separate directions.  Tearing people asunder.  It sounds horrible. The point of the speaker was to say this practice was called distraction, and it is the root meaning of that word. Well, yeah.  That would be distracting. It got me to thinking (dangerous).  This is also a description of what the left has been doing to all our institutions for decades.  Leftists want to tear asunder our country by tearing apart each and every institution that made it work.  Recently, in the past decade or so, they have been succeeding in their, um, distraction. Look at what they have torn apart.  It's more than distracting; it's staggering. Our university system is a shadow of itself.  That was the plan: take over the university...(Read Full Article)