Jeff Sessions -- Ninja or Nincompoop?

Conventional wisdom, as shaped by the mainstream media, is becoming more and more schizophrenic. President Trump is a Russian stooge, doing Putin’s bidding, yet he is reigniting the cold war via new Russian sanctions. His White House is in chaos, yet the left is apoplectic over his barrage of policy initiatives. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is shooting blanks and at the same time is circling the Oval Office, ready to pounce and indict.

Then there is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Lurking in the weeds, moving with stealth and deception like a ninja. Or playing Rip Van Winkle, taking a nap, ignoring the waves of corruption engulfing the DOJ and FBI. Which is it?

Let’s look at the latter scenario first. That Jeff Sessions, in the view of his boss, is Mr. Magoo. Trump also described Sessions as “beleaguered.” Now almost 14 months into the Trump presidency, the evidence of massive corruption in the Obama DOJ and FBI is piling up. As outlined on these and other pages, the Obama administration attempted to prevent Trump’s election. Having failed, it began a new effort to undermine and destroy his presidency via illegal wiretaps, leaks, misleading the FISA court, and pushing the bogus Russian collusion narrative.

Trump tweeted his displeasure with his AG and the OIG, publicly criticizing their lack of action and political bias.

Each week reveals new revelations. The latest being FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe leaking investigation details to journalists, all without consequence or accountability, while Michael Flynn is indicted for misstating a minor detail to the FBI.

It’s not only Trump noticing Session’s ineptitude. Fox Business host Lou Dobbs tweeted, “Sessions has fallen ill, he's incapacitated in some fashion, or he's been coopted or captured: to preserve any dignity, for the good of the country he needs to resign.” This after when Sessions was questioned by House investigators, he constantly deferred to his deputy, Rod Rosenstein. The same Rosenstein who approved FISA warrant requests to spy on Carter Page, and by extension, the Trump campaign.

GOP Rep Matt Gaetz, in the thick of the House investigation also weighed in, saying, “If Jeff Sessions does not appoint a second special counsel, then we need a new Attorney General.” Gaetz is concerned that even if the OIG or Congress finds evidence of wrongdoing, it’s the DOJ that will need to do the prosecuting. Congress does not have that power and all evidence points to sleepy Jeff Sessions oblivious to the corruption in his own agency.

Other members of Congress, such as Trump supporters Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows have called on Sessions to resign, saying that, “By recusing himself from the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the United States election, Sessions has lost control, allowing for a leaky and unnecessarily overdrawn, partisan investigation.”

All painting the picture of an inept Mr. Magoo as Attorney General, letting the lunatics run the asylum, doing a grave disservice to his president and the country.


Now the opposite scenario, that AG Sessions is indeed a ninja, working behind the scenes to drain the swamp, but doing it, out of necessity, quietly yet methodically.

What is Sessions’résumé? 12 years as a U.S. Attorney, two years as Alabama AG, three terms as a conservative U.S. senator, one of the earliest supporters of candidate Trump. Nearly 30 years navigating the swamp through a solid conservative lens. To say that he doesn’t understand current events or the significance of his role in all of this is hard to fathom.

Trump is no fool. And he doesn’t suffer fools either. Watch speeches or interviews from decades ago and Trump’s core beliefs have changed little. He has spoken constantly of the swamp, fighting the establishment of the media, Democrats, and even his own party. Why would Trump tolerate an inept AG, rather than uttering his famous, “You’re fired!”


Jeff Sessions offered to resign in September of last year, and before that in June. If Trump was so displeased, he could have accepted Sessions’ resignation. But he didn’t. What if this is all a grand charade? A deception to keep his enemies off guard?

As Thomas Lifson at American Thinker and Vachel Lindsay on Twitter have outlined, Trump and Sessions may be staging their own reality show, keeping the media and members of Congress barking up the wrong tree. A grand but necessary deception in order for the swamp to be drained effectively.

Trump may well be dispelling any conception that Sessions or OIG Horowitz are Trump stooges by publicly berating them. Repeatedly. So when the OIG report comes out, Sessions has no political restraints against unleashing the DOJ on the DOJ/FBI corruptocrats.

Trump understands what he is up against. As the old saying goes, when you try to kill the king, you had better not miss. In this case the king is the deep state, powerful, well entrenched, tentacles everywhere. Picking off one bad actor at a time may not work, as the beast can regrow its tentacles. Cutting off the head is the only way to kill the beast.

Rep. Devin Nunes, at the cutting edge of this investigation, perhaps gave a hint at the grand strategy. Unlike his colleagues, piling on Sessions and calling for his resignation, Nunes, “Broke with President Trump and said he welcomes Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement that the Justice Department's inspector general would investigate alleged abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.”

Nunes has been a pit bull investigating deep state abuses. Has he suddenly gone soft by giving Sessions and the OIG his full support? Or is he lifting the curtain on Trump and Sessions’ grand deception?

So, which is it? Is Jeff Sessions a doddering dolt, oblivious to the fact that his own agency is on fire, burning with the flames of corruption? A nincompoop?

Or is this a grand deception, Trump and one of his earliest supporters, working stealthily beyond the public eye, getting their ducks in a row before unleashing The Storm? A ninja?

When Trump secured the GOP nomination, he told supporters, “I understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle and I will never ever let you down.” He hasn’t broken his promise yet.

Readers will have to form their own opinions. As Qanon likes to say, “Expand your thinking.” Are the talking heads on CNN and Fox News thoughtful analysts or are they pushing a preconceived agenda for ratings and acclaim within their beltway echo chamber? Is President Trump another vacuous politician or is he a brilliant strategist, following through on his promises, always several steps ahead of his detractors?

This should play out over the coming weeks and months. Boom or bust.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter.

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