Can Huber Investigate His Boss Rosenstein?

While it is reassuring to note that A.G. Jeff Sessions has climbed down from the back side of the milk carton, where his missing visage had been hiding, long enough to appoint Utah U.S. attorney John Huber to independently investigate claims of FBI abuses in surveilling the Trump campaign and other matters, one question remains.  Can he investigate the commission of his boss, Rod Rosenstein's, of a fraud upon the FISA court by signing a FISA warrant application that relied on a fake British-Russian dossier financed by Team Hillary and the DNC? It is about time we had someone who can convene a jury and subpoena witnesses, but can he and will he present the case mounting against his boss to that grand jury and present his boss with a subpoena? Some who have long been investing the Deep State coup don't think so.  House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) exploded on The Ingraham Angle on Fox Thursday night on both the justification for a...(Read Full Article)
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