British Prime Minister Theresa May Spies Strangers

One of the quaint traditions in the British House of Commons was a device for the chamber to go into private session.  A member says, "I spy strangers," a phrase used until recently to refer to anyone present in the chamber who is neither a member of Parliament nor a parliamentary official.  The speaker then immediately puts forth the motion "that strangers do now withdraw."  If carried, the public galleries are cleared.  British prime minister Theresa May is now using a variant of this formula in her forceful decision on March 13 and 14, among other resolutions, to order 23 Russians supposedly working as diplomats at the embassy but identified as undeclared intelligence officers out of the country, thus degrading Russian intelligence capability in the United Kingdom for some time. This is one of the retaliatory measures resulting from the assassinations and attempts by assassins, reputed to be Russian agents, responsible...(Read Full Article)