12 Ways Trump is a Nightmare for Putin

I am frustrated to still hear the silliness about how President Donald Trump is soft on Russia.  It continues to be a mainstream talking point, repeated by congresspeople pushing impeachment and pundits like Max "I would rather vote for Stalin than Trump" Boot.  Our friends the Germans even made this disgusting parade float of a Russian bear sodomizing Trump. Their argument is insane.  Not tethered to reality.  A supreme attempt to gaslight normal people. Below is a list of all the ways that Trump's policies are anathema to Moscow.  They are coordinated and deliberate, to help America and undermine Russia.  Trump may not be saying as many mean things about Putin as the media say about Trump, but he has taken the concrete actions of a dead serious man. As a point of contrast, please keep in mind that ex-president Barack Obama's pro-Russian policies included granting Russia permanent normal trade...(Read Full Article)