T-Mobile and Leftism

The T-Mobile SuperBowl commercial #LittleOnes contains only 77 words. But those words summarize the divisiveness and dehumanization of the progressive left and unloads them onto babies. The voice-over monologue is godless political pablum served up to build anger and selfishness in the next generation. The ad shows a circle of nine infants of different races, all about three months old. A soft female voice says: Welcome to the world, little ones. Yeah, it’s a lot to take in but you come with open minds and the instinct we are all equal. Ashley Rae Goldenberg at the Media Research Center has written an essay entitled, "T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Pushes Myth That Babies Don’t See Race or Gender." The only mistake Miss Goldenberg makes in that piece is that she succumbs to the ill-advised term “gender” when the correct term is sex. The article briefly reviews the strong evidence that not only do babies distinguish and react differently to...(Read Full Article)