The Real Gender Gap: Family Breakdown and Black Males

Over 50 years have passed since then Secretary of Labor Daniel Moynihan was raked over the coals for raising awareness on the alarming rise of illegitimacy in black communities. Now that the percentage of single mothers has almost tripled, even leading members of the NAACP regard the breakdown of the family as the single largest barrier to black achievement. Nevertheless, how much of the general public knows the extent of the black gender gap? According to the Moynihan Report, black females usually outperformed their male counterparts in school and almost always greatly outnumbered black men in white-collar jobs. Data from Maryland’s 2016 PARCC exam concurs with Moynihan’s observations.  Based on data from the 2016 Maryland Report Card Based on these scores the gender gap in blacks is 69%. This far exceeds the 47% difference between black girls and their white counterparts. Moynihan characterized this as a “matriarchal society” where...(Read Full Article)