The Mueller Dogs Bark, but the Caravan Moves On

A. The Latest Indictments Shortly after Rod Rosenstein announced the latest series of indictments against Russians largely for posts on social media, the stock market rose and hit its highest weekly gain since 2013.  And for good reason – the indictments are idiotic.  They would never have been issued by a prosecutor, only a special counsel looking as if he's doing something as his case against his big catch – General Michael Flynn – seems to become less and less certain to lead to conviction. As Power Line blog notes: But when all the details are added up a much murkier picture emerges.  First, the effort apparently began taking shape as early as May 2014 (and perhaps as early as 2013), an entire year before Trump became a candidate.  Then, as they got underway during the primary season, the indictment says (p. 17) that "They engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information...(Read Full Article)