The Left Is Going for Broke This Year. Good.

Just up the street, my liberal neighbors still have their #WeBelieve yard signs out front from a year ago that declare that "Kindness is Everything."  And the lesbians at the top of the hill still have their "Hate Has No Home Here" yard sign displayed.  So I suppose the liberal anti-NRA hate-fest after the Parkland school shooting had nothing to do with them.  Just a few yahoos at CNN going for ratings gold. Yes, liberals, we just need to give the administrative state yet more power, wave our hands, and declare guns illegal, and that will end the plague of young men aching to become "professional school shooters."  Pay no attention to the fact that the administrative state is utterly useless and, as the Brits say, "not fit for purpose" and is not even that good at siccing the intelligence community on the opposition party. I thought conventional liberal wisdom was that their efforts to politicize gun...(Read Full Article)