Pieces of the Same Puzzle: SOTU, DACA, FBI

There are three issues swirling around in the news lately that may appear to be unrelated: the recently-delivered State of the Union (SOTU) address, the ongoing controversy over DACA immigrants, and the about-to-be-released FBI memo regarding the basis of the FISA warrants in the Russia collusion investigation. But they are not unrelated. Quite the contrary: they are all incredibly important pieces of the same puzzle. Let’s look at them individually and then put the pieces together into one big picture. Piece 1 -- The State of the Union Address President Trump, by all accounts, delivered a very direct, surprisingly inclusive, clearly America-first State of the Union address last week. Polls indicate Republican and Independent approval of the speech in the 75-80% range and even Democratic voters gave him a mid-40% approval rating. On issue after issue, he pointed to clear evidence of the success of his policies and approaches, coupled with a clear vision for moving the...(Read Full Article)