Media Focus on Mass Shootings Distracts from the Bigger Problem

Last year, we saw yet another knee-jerk reaction by liberals to the supposed "gun problem."  The Dems seized on the mass killing that occurred in Las Vegas as an opportunity to push for more restrictive gun laws and an outright ban on firearm accessories. By year's end, cooler heads had prevailed, and most of this legislation did not make it through.  On the contrary, December of 2017 saw the House approving the concealed carry reciprocity bill that will allow for citizens with concealed carry permits in one state to carry outside that state. While that might sound like good news for law-abiding gun owners, it's not all wine and roses just yet.  The bill will have to pass the Senate and then go before the president before it becomes law, and the libs are already wringing their hands, insisting that it violates states' individual rights to pass and enforce their own laws. This month, Senate Democrats...(Read Full Article)