Luis Gutierrez, Have you no Shame?

When amnesty-loving Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-IL, walked out of the State of the Union amid chants of “USA!” “USA!”, he once again revealed his hatred for America and his loathing of the heroes that gave him the freedom to make an absolute fool of himself. Gutierrez, who claimed he had to leave early for a scheduled interview, gave a snarky commentary on President Trump’s pointed remarks on immigration and the consequences of open borders as reported by NBC News Chicago: “Even though I disagreed with almost everything he said, for Trump, the speech was clear and well-delivered,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez said in a statement. “Whoever translated it for him from Russian did a good job.”… Trump riffed on the debate over immigration, weaving stats and anecdotes throughout the address, all while boasting of economic growth and the general optimism of what he called "the new American moment." "My duty, and the...(Read Full Article)