Kim Dotcom: The Copyright Case that Should End but Won't

It has been six years since the compound of Kim Dotcom (né Kim Schmitz), a Finnish-German dual national, was raided, north of Auckland, New Zealand.  The official reason given was that his company, Megaupload, was facilitating criminal file-sharing of copyrighted movie and media files. Kim Dotcom is not a flawless figure.  He was somewhat of a famous hacker in Europe, who had relocated to the South Pacific.  Everyone who meets Kim, such as Steven Wozniak (8:25 – Campbell Live) seems to find him personable.  What also comes across to the observant is that Kim is rather immature; he brags about his championship computer gaming skills. Kim does have a criminal record – mostly black-hat hacking – but he claims, with some validity, that the last charge of insider trading in Germany was bogus, and he merely took a plea deal. Kim was considered a flight risk and spent five months in jail before being offered...(Read Full Article)