Jamie Gorelick Knew What Team She Was On

One of the faux scandals to have emerged in this crazy past week was the revelation that in December, President Trump allegedly asked his deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, “Are you on my team?” Opined a trio of reporters from CNN, presumably with a straight face, “The episode is the latest to come to light portraying a President whose inquiries sometimes cross a line that presidents traditionally have tried to avoid when dealing with the Justice Department, for which a measure of independence is key.” Obama White House speechwriter Ben Rhodes was not directly referencing these reporters when he told the New York Times, “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old… They literally know nothing,” but he might as well have been. Reporters under 45 or so have no real idea what happened in the Clinton White House. Those over 45 don’t really know either but, unlike their younger colleagues, they have no excuse for not...(Read Full Article)