Jacob Rees-Mogg MP: Victim of Bristol University's Red Guards

The British Conservative MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has just been caught up in the middle of a violent scuffle while giving a talk at a British university. This is the very same Rees-Mogg who's been tipped to be the next leader of the British Conservative Party. He'd been speaking at the University of Bristol's Politics and International Relations Society when it was stormed by left-wing Red Guards. One Bristol University student, a William Brown, said: "These people in balaclavas and sunglasses started shouting, things like 'Tory fascist'. "They were quite intimidating actually. "They were waving their hands around, shouting very loudly." This student also stated that a few punches were thrown. The same student added: "Jacob went to calm them down, I think he came out of it very well. "He was encouraging them to speak, without shouting, saying something like 'I'm happy to talk if you...(Read Full Article)