How Can We Stop School Shootings?

It was March 1999, and I had taken a part-time reporter job at the Columbine Community Courier, a weekly paper in Littleton, Colorado.  Before working for the paper on a regular basis, I went off with my family on a long planned mission trip to Honduras.  There we worked on a few projects, then did some sightseeing. In Copan, we stopped at a Catholic Church during Mass.  The church was packed, and we found out why before long.  The priest spoke, and he was absolutely furious with his flock.  A woman in our party, who was a Spanish-speaker, translated for us: some of the young men of Copan had come into the town square the night before, during a festival, shot it up, and killed a few people. The priest yelled a question at the congregation: "Why are you people not watching your sons?" That moment stuck with me as we came back to Colorado, and I wrote the story of our trip for publication.  I...(Read Full Article)