Freedom of the Press for All?

Familiarity can breed contempt, and also boredom and neglect.  Take freedom of the press.  The phrase is known by all, but to what purpose? The owners of the New York Times and the Washington Post certainly know what freedom of the press means.  More importantly, they know what they want us to believe.  In their lèse-majesté world, "the press" spoken of in the First Amendment is the credentialed, organized, established press.  Only this press is afforded the superior First Amendment protections in the Constitution.  Or so they would have us believe.  For the most part, in the popular imagination, the organized press is winning this battle of interpretation.  To prove it, ask yourself: are bloggers, wearing pajamas, "the press"?  Whatever your politics, are rogue, disruptive individuals like James O'Keefe, who go undercover in the manner made famous by 60...(Read Full Article)