Black Panther, White Suckers

The new Black Panther movie may have been sold as an anti-white screed dripping with racial hostility, but those who are looking for that kind of venom in this year's biggest biggest cinematic experience are going to disappointed. Anyone who has ever met Prince Albert, The World's Smallest Perfectly Formed Colored Midget, can tell you why.  I got to know Prince Albert during my days in the carnival when my ride, The Round Up, was often located next to the freak show. In addition to the albino woman sword-swallower, Priscilla the gorilla woman, and her husband, the alligator-skinned man, Prince Albert took the stage and told people about his life and world travels – as he did to me when he came to visit Dottie, the woman who took tickets at my ride. Paying or free, Prince Albert attracted a crowd that loved his tales of a girl in every port.  From time to time, Prince Albert offered them the following wager: "I bet anyone $5 I can tell them the...(Read Full Article)