Adolescent Jack-booted thugs vs. 'Dead White Guys'

The progressive infotech barons at Twitter, Google, and Facebook have seized the moral high ground and taken it upon themselves to “save” the world from exposure to free expression by those on the political right through the use of censorship and manipulation. This attempt by the left to control speech is not new, as the entertainment/media complex has been engaged in a similar process for decades. That group includes a growing list of leftists who are currently being exposed with allegations of sexual misconduct, rape, and even pedophilia. One must inquire how is it that the most progressive, tolerant, and fair-minded people on the planet in the universe could be capable of such intolerant and/or wicked behavior? If we’re to accept the narrative of the left (and let's face it, the left controls the narrative), it creates the image that the political right is the home of racism, sexism, greed, and every other societal ill that one can dream up. Alternatively,...(Read Full Article)