Adolescent Jack-booted thugs vs. 'Dead White Guys'

The progressive infotech barons at Twitter, Google, and Facebook have seized the moral high ground and taken it upon themselves to “save” the world from exposure to free expression by those on the political right through the use of censorship and manipulation. This attempt by the left to control speech is not new, as the entertainment/media complex has been engaged in a similar process for decades. That group includes a growing list of leftists who are currently being exposed with allegations of sexual misconduct, rape, and even pedophilia. One must inquire how is it that the most progressive, tolerant, and fair-minded people on the planet in the universe could be capable of such intolerant and/or wicked behavior?

If we’re to accept the narrative of the left (and let's face it, the left controls the narrative), it creates the image that the political right is the home of racism, sexism, greed, and every other societal ill that one can dream up. Alternatively, on the political left, we’re led to believe there exists only kindness, acceptance, fairness, equality of outcome, and all else that resides within their imagined realm of rainbows and unicorns.

But what is the actual difference between left-wing and right-wing and why does it matter? The only consistent definition I find is that on the far right there is zero government control -- anarchy -- and on the far left there is 100% government control -- totalitarianism. Sure, groups like Antifa and BLM may utilize anarchy, but they’re just a proxy for the left as their goal is to smash our existing republic and bring about total government control from the ashes.

The reason it matters is because while the political spectrum is clearly variable, the one constant in the equation is human nature. This means that while progressives would claim otherwise, throughout the entirety of the political spectrum exists the potential for all the good and simultaneously all the bad that human nature is capable of (Just imagine a Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner having total control over an agency formed for the protection of young aspiring actresses).

With that said, what could a group of right-wing racist-homophobic-bigoted-sexist-xenophobes accomplish at the helm of a representative republic such as the United States? No matter what the adolescent jack-booted thugs say, these right-wingers wouldn't have the power to extinguish peoples’ liberty en masse. They would need to openly bypass the Constitution to move forward with whatever evil agenda they had in mind. In other words, they would need to become left-wingers to do so.

Alternatively, what could a group of left-wing racist-homophobic-bigoted-sexist-xenophobes do to the people if in control of our government? Fortunately, the “dead white guys” of yesteryear fully understood that power tends to attract the worst elements of human nature, hence, our right-of-center republic with a well-defined main purpose of protecting the inalienable rights of the people. This makes the adolescent jack-booted thug’s aspirations much more difficult. The freedom to conduct voluntary transactions within a free market, protected by the rule of law may be imperfect and sometimes progresses much slower (see Hollywood) than so-called progressives would prefer, but it’s still the best option available to humanity as Milton Friedman often argued.

But progressives and adolescent jack-booted thugs alike loathe the Constitution for its lack of positive rights among other reasons and have pushed the U.S. further and further to the left after having gained a strong foothold in media, academia, Hollywood, government, and now the info-tech world.

Again, you get all the good with all the bad and every time progressives have forced the pendulum leftward in the U.S., the results have enabled oppressions such as the Sedition Act of 1918; Jim Crow laws; the internment of Japanese; the targeting of conservatives by the IRS under Obama and most recently: the cover up of Hillary’s email and Uranium One scandals and attempted coup on the Trump presidency by the previous administration and its current holdovers.

Sure, there are racist-homophobic-bigoted-sexist-xenophobes on both sides of the political isle -- because of human nature. To be clear: atrocities committed by individuals who happen to be right-wing will always be unacceptable within a civil society, but the key is that their actions would be inconsequential on a societal scale under the protections of our right-of-center republic. On the other hand, the very same left-wing “progressive” promises have been tried repeatedly and consequentially, during the 20th century alone, more than 100 million people perished under Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro and others.

So, why do progressives direct all this hatred, fear and lies toward those on the right side of the political spectrum? It’s about the fear of losing control (think money-skimming, cronyism and power) and a hatred for an individualism that allows the freedom to ignore the “suggestions” of really, really, smart progressives.

Fortunately, adolescent jack-booted thugs must still operate within a voluntary marketplace and have no dictatorial power beyond their fancy boardrooms. Piss off enough customers and they will seek alternatives, which is why fully mature jack-booted thugs require total government control over the masses. That control is only derived from the left side of the political spectrum and needs to be prevented at all costs as those “dead white guys” figured out more than two centuries ago.

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