'White Privilege' and the Great Stink of 1858

Among the roster of white privileges is the ability not to step in other people's poop too often in public, or to ingest it with our food and drink and pass it on to our children and friends, who could actually sicken and die from some strains of E. coli.  Public sanitation as we know it today was invented in Great Britain and France shortly before 1900, with the United States quickly following suit to separate fresh water from disease-carrying offal in places like New York City, where you can still see the first sanitation plant built about a century ago.  The Great London Stink of 1858 was a landmark event in public health, and the science and engineering of bio-sanitation has now doubled our average lifespan, for white folks and people of color alike.  More than any medicine ever discovered, it is clean water and toilet piping that have improved human health.  This is something the rest of the world knows well, but our college students (who...(Read Full Article)