Using Nullification To Destroy Federalism

Animosity reigns supreme among Democrats who now are anything but “the loyal opposition.” The intention to disrupt, undermine, insult, reject, and vilify anything and everything about President Donald Trump’s person, his programs, and his policies is there for all to see. Character assassination is but one dimension of the attack on this administration. Ridicule on late night talk/comedy shows is standard and has been standard throughout the President’s first year in office. Incessant conversations about the investigation into the bogus “Russia collusion” has been allotted more than 80% of news and discussion time on major media outlets. But lately, with the failure to make collusion stick, the failure to make Trump’s mental health disqualification stick, the failure to make his breaking of the emoluments clause of the Constitution stick, and the failure to make his supposed womanizing and #metoo wrongdoings stick, the disloyal opposition...(Read Full Article)