Trump's Unnoticed Great First-Year Accomplishment

Conservatives and Republicans gave President Trump kudos for his remarkable list of accomplishments in his first year in office.  One crucial Trump accomplishment appears to have gone unnoticed.  Trump repeatedly spoke the truth about issues when fake news media demanded that we either embrace their lies or stay silent.  Singlehandedly, Trump has opened the door for Americans to freely speak truth again. Before Trump entered the political arena, fake news media controlled public speech with an iron fist.  Citizens and politicians knew they had better toe the politically correct line or suffer severe consequences. When fake news media demanded that we ignore biology and pretend Bruce Jenner is a woman, Americans played along with Bruce's mental disorder for fear of public humiliation and economic crucifixion by fake news media. NFL player Don Jones broke fake news media's ban on speaking truth publicly.  When Michael Sam kissed his...(Read Full Article)