Trump's Unnoticed Great First-Year Accomplishment

Conservatives and Republicans gave President Trump kudos for his remarkable list of accomplishments in his first year in office. 

One crucial Trump accomplishment appears to have gone unnoticed.  Trump repeatedly spoke the truth about issues when fake news media demanded that we either embrace their lies or stay silent.  Singlehandedly, Trump has opened the door for Americans to freely speak truth again.

Before Trump entered the political arena, fake news media controlled public speech with an iron fist.  Citizens and politicians knew they had better toe the politically correct line or suffer severe consequences.

When fake news media demanded that we ignore biology and pretend Bruce Jenner is a woman, Americans played along with Bruce's mental disorder for fear of public humiliation and economic crucifixion by fake news media.

NFL player Don Jones broke fake news media's ban on speaking truth publicly.  When Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on national TV, Jones tweeted what tens of millions of Americans were thinking: "OMG, horrible."  Jones was immediately high-tech lynched by fake news media, sentenced to forced mind-altering therapy. 

When Trump announced that he was running for president, he said he would deal with the problem of criminal illegals invading our country.  Illegals and the accompanying criminals are another issue fake news media forbid us to speak truthfully about.  Trump, in essence, said, Screw fake news media's rules about what truths we are allowed to state publicly.

Trump honestly addressing the problem of illegals invading our country sparked a fake news media firestorm against him.  Fake news media launched a bogus storyline that Trump is a racist who hates all Mexicans.  In their usual fearful submission to fake news media, conservatives and Republicans ran to microphones to condemn and distance themselves from what fake news media decreed to be Trump's "racist" remarks.

However, a majority of American voters did not buy fake news media's bogus Trump-is-racist narrative.  Quite the opposite.  We the People were elated by Trump's unprecedented lack of fear of fake news media.  Trump remained steadfast in speaking truth, exposing the negative impact of illegals invading our country with no desire to assimilate.  Trump boldly disobeying fake news media's ban on speaking truth inspires all Americans to begin speaking truth again.

Folks, we are at war: fake news media versus America.  Fake news media believe that America is the greatest source of evil on the planet.  Their 24-7 laser-focused mission is to bring down America from her throne as the world superpower.  Fake news media also seek to transform America away from her foundation of Christian values and principles.  Fake news media relentlessly sell their lie that a majority of Americans share their disdain for our homeland.

That horrifying Sunday when Americans watched the entire NFL (players, coaches, and management), in essence, taking a knee against our country, Americans were stunned with disbelief.  How on Earth could the NFL think a majority of Americans and football fans agree with its staffers disrespecting our flag, national anthem, country, fallen veterans, active military, and brave men and women in blue?  In short, the NFL believed fake news media's bogus storyline that America and cops routinely abuse blacks and that football fans would support the NFL protest.  Polls confirm that the NFL made a huge miscalculation.

As I stated, folks, we are at war: fake news media versus America.

Fake news media have suppressed our First Amendment right of free speech for years.  Anyone who dares speak truth that contradicts a fake news media lie is severely punished – branded stupid, crazy, or guilty of hate speech.

While you were sleeping or taking your kids to soccer, fake news media began the process of criminalizing speaking truth, disagreeing with their socialist-progressive agenda.

Outrageously, fake news media seek to criminalize scientists expressing skepticism regarding man-made climate change.  Fake news media actually say "climate change-deniers" should be thrown into jail

Fake news media appear to love all things Islam while hating Christians.  Obama's DOJ threatened to jail anyone caught speaking badly about Islam.  Meanwhile, Obama was unprecedented in his relentless presidential trashing of Christians. 

Fake news media's sole purpose is to block truth while spreading lies and deception.  By controlling speech, fake news media can use pretty words to paint a smiley face on evil, depravity, and sin unabated.  Trump courageously speaking truth has caused a serious crack in fake news media's control-what-truths-Americans-are-allowed-to-publicly-express armor.  Thank you, Mr. President.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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