Trump versus Bannon: Is Trump Right?

The bubbling tensions between President Donald Trump and his former senior adviser Steve Bannon escalated into an all-out street brawl on social media Wednesday, as excerpts from Bannon in the forthcoming book Fire and Fury circulated.  Of course, the president fired back.  Trump always fires back, and it's absolutely one reason he was nominated, then elected.  But a sober analysis of his tweeting and responses reaches the inescapable conclusion that he responds at times when he should not. That I, a reluctant Trump-supporter, would say this draws only derision from the universe of supporters who demand 100% fealty.  But hey, even Milo, one of Trump's early adopters and biggest supporters over the past two years, understands this dynamic.  In explaining his shocking "daddy" reference to the president, Milo stated that it has to do with the fact that while Trump's "got your back," he can also...(Read Full Article)