The True Mission of Faith-Based Films

Mel Gibson created a benchmark in Christian film with The Passion of the Christ. The overtly gory, creepy at times, and violent R-rated “Christian” movie grossed over $370 million. It is not just one of the highest grossing movies in Christian film – it’s one of the highest grossing movies across all film genres. How did Gibson accomplish this feat with a story that has been told and retold via film numerous times over? Because it was real and true to form. It’s about as close to the true account – no punches pulled – of what happened during Christ’s last days. And the reality is, it was, in fact, an R-rated event. Gibson didn’t show gore for the sake of gore – he did it so we would fully understand the true gruesome nature of what happened to Christ and all that he sacrificed. Yet, here we are nearly fourteen years later, and Christian entertainment is still struggling to come close to the benchmark quality of The Passion...(Read Full Article)