The New Occupation of Europe

How exactly did we get here? The United States has been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq (yes, we still have troops fighting there) for 15-plus years.  Those troops are saddled with more rules of engagement than you can shake a stick at (at least they were under Obama; perhaps that has eased somewhat). For some reason, Hollywood leftists love, or pretend to, "the Greatest Generation."  But if you watch either of the excellent HBO miniseries Band of Brothers and The Pacific, you'll see that by today's standards, by which the left judges all history and historical figures (see the desecration of Confederate monuments in the South and the ongoing attempt to denigrate the Founding Fathers, many of whom were, after all, slave-owners), most of the characters in those television series would be tried and convicted as war criminals in some absurd "international court," probably in the Hague.  In fact, FDR and his...(Read Full Article)