The Narrowing of Language: 'Discrimination'

We live in a world Orwell described so well in 1984.  Language, as it has been mutilated and twisted, is the enemy of truth.  The compression of language so that a single catch-all term is used to describe a variety of discordant and even contradictory ideas does precisely what Orwell wrote about, so that the only moral terms in 1984 are "good" and "ungood."  Once we accept and adopt the language of totalitarians, we are in a prison with no hope of escape. Consider words like "homophobe," which is intended to describe myriad different and essentially inconsistent values.  Jews and Christians, those following what historically these faith have believed, see homosexuality as a sin.  Mental health professionals fifty years ago considered homosexuality a mental disorder.   Darwinists, who see procreation as the linchpin of evolution by natural selection, would judge homosexuality as a...(Read Full Article)