The Feminist Movement is Failing Women

It would be folly to maintain that change is not sorely needed to improve the lives of many women around the world.  Clearly the West has long been in the forefront of fundamental change.  In 1792 Mary Wollstonecraft penned A Vindication of the Rights of Woman arguing that "middle-class women's oppression was largely due to their deficient education."  Thus, Girls who have been thus weakly educated, are often cruelly left by their parents without any provision; and, of course, are dependent on, not only the reason, but the bounty of their brothers [.] But, when the brother marries, . . .  [his sister] is viewed with averted looks as an intruder, an unnecessary burden on the benevolence of the master of the house, and his new partner. Yet, in 2014 in Saudi Arabia, a young woman named Nadia who was not permitted to drive had to rely on her brother to take her to work.  Often he refused to take her, thus  making her late and at risk...(Read Full Article)