Shallow Reality in America

If there is a single problem with our lives today, it is the breathtaking shallowness of modern life.  We seem infatuated with grade-school gossip and a breathless yearning for "stuff," as if the latest gadgetry or a fatter bank account could make anything real in our lives better.  We seem to believe in nothing but this gossip and these gadgets.  This infantile fixation stretches across political party and ideology. This is a reflection of godlessness, shattered families, and the wicked drumbeat in education and media of indoctrination instead of learning or amusement.  It is astounding how little most people know of history and religion.  It is frightening how illogical and anti-historical the vast majority of us have become.  As one example, one of the comments on my American Thinker article, "The Pox of Materialism," expresses the absurd idea that the Founding Fathers began the American Revolution to...(Read Full Article)