Obama, Trump, and the Silliness of Spielberg's The Post

"The way they lied," says the Ben Bradlee character in Steven Spielberg's preposterous new film, The Post, "those days have to be over.  We have to be the check on their power.  If we don't hold them accountable – my God, who will?" This is the same Ben Bradlee, by the way, who retrieved the diary of his sister-in-law, Mary Pinchot Meyer, after she was murdered and burned the pages having to do her affair with Bradlee's pal, President John Kennedy.  The murder took place less than a year after JFK's assassination and three weeks after the release of the Warren Commission report.  Meyer's ex-husband was CIA.  Bradlee collaborated with the CIA to destroy the evidence.  Thanks in no small part to Bradlee's intervention, the murder was never solved.  This is just one of the minor ironies that render the movie absurd. A larger irony is that the movie should...(Read Full Article)