NeverTrumps Renamed: AlwaysDemocrats

President Donald Trump is approaching the end of his first year in the White House with an impressive list of accomplishments: a big tax cut, repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, huge regulatory rollback, judicial appointments including Neil Gorsuch, the Keystone pipeline, Paris Accords withdrawal, ANWR drilling, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and a first bite at immigration reform. It's a Republican wish list come true – the pony under the Christmas tree, finally, after 28 years of receiving an ugly sweater from Aunt Mabel every year for Christmas.  Why are so many so-called Republicans acting as though they received a lump of coal for Christmas 2017? NeverTrumps are fit to be tied.  You'd think the Republican candidate had lost the last election.  Or that President Obama was granted a third term.  Or that Hillary Clinton was president.  Wait, some actually do wish for that. It seems inexplicable....(Read Full Article)